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Birchwood Pharma - Products

We supply a range of unlicensed liquid medicines (“Specials”). Where applicable, we intend to develop these into licensed products. We are continually developing new products to expand our range.

All of our products are manufactured under full GMP conditions in batch quantities, providing greater formulation consistency and dose uniformity.

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Our liquid medicines are tested to very high standards and supplied with Certificates of Analysis (CoAs). The Certificates of Analysis are evidence that critical quality parameters have been adhered to through physical, chemical and microbiological testing of a sample of the final products. Certificates of Analysis are significantly different to Certificates of Conformity which are only statements from the manufacturer that they believe the product complies with the purchaser’s specification.

All of Birchwood Pharma’s liquid medicines are manufactured from active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients. Tablets and capsules are not crushed, dispersed, dissolved or suspended to create our products.

Further details of our products and Certificates of Analysis can be requested from: